The girl ƩOΦĺΑ — she is luxurious, radiant, self-confident, she stands out, she is noticed, people fall in love with her! Clothing for her is how she wants to show herself to the world.

ƩOΦĺΑ owes its appearance to a group of like-minded people passionate about fashion, who set themselves the goal of providing stylish clothes for women living in various parts of the world.
Collection ATELIER
The clothes in this collection are made in the ƩOΦĺΑ studio according to individual measurements, the clothes fit perfectly to the figure. A sketch is developed for each client, taking into account the wishes, measurements are taken by a professional designer. The studio-atelier presents exclusive fabrics with a variety of textures and color palettes. We create uniqueness for each guest, be special
Collection CAPSULE
This collection is in limited quantities. Made for special occasions
Collection PRET-A-PORTER
The clothes in this collection are designed according to a standard range of sizes with unique lines, high quality tailoring
This collection features bodysuits and corsets
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